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Defend Yourself From White Collar Crime Charges

When someone commits a crime that involves finances, it is known as a white collar crime. Due to the seriousness of these types of charges, the consequences can leave a convicted person behind bars or have problems finding employment in the future. When the stakes are high in your criminal charges, you should have an attorney who is ready to do what it takes to defend you from the charges.

At my office of Donald H. Vogelman, Attorney At Law, I help protect the people throughout New York from criminal charges. In the decades of my professional experience, I have come to learn what it takes to handle the complicated cases of white collar crimes.

How I Can Help You

I know how complicated these crimes and their investigations can be. These cases often involve massive amounts of documents and paperwork and only have a limited amount of time to get through them all. I am not afraid of these types of challenges when it comes to protecting my clients. I have extensive experience in all matters of white collar crimes.

I work tirelessly to ensure that I provide my clients with the best possible defense in their cases. I’ve never been an attorney to leave their clients in the dark about what they can expect from their charges, and I am a lawyer that you can count on always to give you the attention and representation you need.

Let Me Fight For You

My commitment to my clients, combined with my considerable experience in criminal defense, has gained me a position on the Super Lawyers list. Meet with me and see for yourself how I can help protect your rights and freedom against your white collar crime charges.

Schedule your initial consultation with me today by calling me at 917-837-0020. The sooner I can get to work for you, the stronger your defense can be.