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Criminal Defense With A Track Record Of Success

Fighting criminal charges is not an easy feat to accomplish, but I have been successfully doing so for with decades of experience. Going to trial or negotiating to reduce charges goes a lot easier when you have an experienced attorney at your side. I pride myself in giving my clients and their families personal attention and explaining the process, and giving them all options available every step of the way.

Criminal charges are not a small problem, and your attorney should not treat yours like one. At Donald H. Vogelman, Attorney At Law, I fight to protect clients throughout New York and have been doing so for decades. I have seen all types of Federal and State cases, and I know what it takes to build the strongest possible defense against your charges.

Strong Defenses, No Matter The Charges

The decades of experience I have in criminal defense paired with my experience in the wide array of cases I have taken created a unique insight into my criminal defense practice. I know how to collect all the necessary information in cases, including hiring investigators if needed.

No matter your charges, I am ready to help you from the beginning to the end of your charges. You can count on my services to help you avoid critical mistakes, work to reduce or drop your charges, and gather all possible resources to build the defense you need to protect yourself.

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A conviction can affect your ability to earn a job, gain a loan or even see your family. When there is so much at stake, do not take chances by hoping for the best. The more time I have to build a defense you can be proud of, the better. When time is a limited resource in your charges, make the most of every minute by contacting me today.

Schedule your initial consultation by calling me at 917-837-0020 or emailing me. Get the defense you need by taking action today to secure the best possible outcome in your case.